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The Big House

'Everyone lives in the Big House now and there's plenty of reasons not to go outside. But as strange occurrences begin to unfold, the inmates can't help but wonder if there's more to this new way of life?' Join us for ‘The Big House,’ a work in progress performance of original songs & scenes.

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Meet the Team

I am quite new to this group compared with others. I really enjoy working on this show and this character. it’s amazing how everything is organised!

Hey smile! You are reading me. My name is Ahmed, I really enjoy acting with my Friends From Afar and being part of it, it is something special to me. And meeting Paul, and Catherine(I call her Cath) and the specialist and funniest filmmaker (Natasha, I call her Tash)

My name is kalifa jamel and my character name is seeker.I joined at this project last year but I really like it and I’m happy with this I hope as I do with DreamArts what people who gonna love it

My name is Tselota I really enjoy it all the time. I start doing Dearm art in 2020 and I’ve learn lot of things like Community with people,improved my English and making new friends so I really love it.

My name is Merhawit I am really enjoying coming to dream art and I like comedies or some funny shows.

My name is Thomas and l really enjoy the dream art l start doing sins l come to London and l enjoyed.

My name is Nebi i know dream arts more than the staff as I come regularly more than any one here. It’s a really cool space and I get the opportunity to work on my self as well as the show.

Hey my name is Karim. I’m an actor, rapper and I love drama and acting. Nickname AK!

Hi, my name is Teddy and I am really enjoy DreamArts and I have made new friends, speaking English, drama and dance. I hope to do more with DreamArts