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Our Partners

Strong partnerships are key to the delivery of our mission.

We work with and share resources and expertise with youth clubs, art organisations, community groups, statutory agencies, and schools.

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Become a DreamArts Partner


We are always open to building new partnerships, and value sharing expertise and resources to support children and young people.

To find out more contact Chief Executive Graham Whitlock

Call: 020 3176 6766

The Cockpit Theatre / City of Westminster College

Venue and partner for our ongoing provision for children and young people in Church Street.

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DreamArts galvanise local children and young people in a way few other arts companies can."

Dave Wybrow, Director, The Cockpit Theatre

Pimlico Academy

DreamArts is a Core Partner for their Extended Schools programme.

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DreamArts achieves remarkable results. For example, they kept one of my students focused through a turbulent time at home and during difficulties at school, enabling her to win a prestigious national award and get into The Brits School."

Ian Lewis, Inclusion Officer

Westminster Locality Children and Young Peoples Service

DreamArts works closely with Westminster City Council locality teams to support young people at risk of entering care and/or the youth justice system.

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DreamArts provide a safe environment that builds confidence and enables young people to integrate more fully into their community."

Lisa Marcelle, Young People's Practitioner

Westminster Befriend a Family

This Westminster charity is a partner in our Family Arts MAP work, and regularly refers clients to take part in DreamArts programmes.

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Sessions are a great success for children and their families. They are able to spend time in a safe/confidential setting with other families and talk about their strengths, personalities, focus on how they get along and how family interactions/relationships can be improved."

Lola Turner, Senior Projects Manager

Rainbow Family Centre

Part of Westminster Society for People with Learning Disabilities, Rainbow is a long term partner for our work with those with special needs.

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Members gained confidence, turn-taking, volunteered responses as opposed to being prompted, increased concentration and recalled in detail all the work they do with DreamArts."

Rainbow Children's Centre

Beachcroft Alternative Education Provision

Partner and host for projects working with pupils who have been excluded from mainstream education.

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DreamArts are able to re-engage pupils and help them build confidence in learning new skills and developing their learning. The commitment, consistency and encouragement from DreamArts professionals allowed pupils to feel open-minded and willing to explore new skills and areas out of their comfort zones."

K. Miller, Beachcroft's Attendance and Reintegration officer

Churchill Gardens Youth Club

Partner and host for projects with members of their Juniors Club as part of a partnership of agencies engaging residents on Churchill Gardens Estate.

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It was really lovely to see how the very skilled facilitators engaged with young people and how well arts and crafts and drama were used to encourage members to reflect about themselves positively and inspire them to think about their ‘dreams and aspirations’ in their own personal lives."

Henning Riedel, Youth Service Manager

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