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DreamArts is one of London's leading youth arts companies.

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DreamArts have
a mission:

to go out and work with young people to help them be their best through quality youth arts.

From new urban musicals in the West End and Youth Arts Leadership schemes where young people run their own projects, to weekly workshops with top professionals,over 400 members each year credit DreamArts with making a difference to their lives.

Blending fun with high artistic standards and personal development, members get involved at every level;
as choreographers and actors to writers, music producers, costume designers and stage managers. Whether going onto study, setting up their own arts companies or achieving Top 20 hits, DreamArts unlocks the potential of young people through the arts so they can achieve in all areas of their lives.

Our unique range of projects operate in 4 programmes:

Before I wasn't sure what to do. Now as a career I hope to direct my own shows, choreograph, write, and teach. DreamArts gave me experience and training in arts management, directing, budgeting, and delivering workshops

I developed leadership skills I didn't know I had, inspiring me to attend Uni and start my own company.


Jummy Bolaji,
Youth Arts Leader

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